Corporate Branding and Re-Branding

Corporate Identity is the first stage in the process of brand creation.

From brand management to identity systems, we create solutions that lead to successful strategies in making your mark. Getting the right corporate branding for the message that you want to convey is definitely an art form. It’s a subtle combination of getting all the right elements to balance and exist in perfect harmony; type, graphics, colours, textures etc.

It’s not a job that is easily done. Just take a look around you when you’re next driving through town or flicking through a magazine. Which logos or adverts look strong? And why? How could you do the same for your company?

With the right ‘corporate’ image the perception, could be that your ‘one-man-band’ is a multi-national trading company, or your multi-national food production company is a cottage industry. It’s all about giving your customers the right impression.

We will undertake re-branding for your company, we will liase with you and determine the best direction for you to take the company forward.

And as we cover all the design aspects of your business, its a very smooth transition, and one that will enable you to completely overhaul your image.
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